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Getting Started


What is AppFollow and how to get started

7 articles

Account settings

Manage your AppFollow account, collections and apps

7 articles

Single Sign-On (SSO)

All your team can work in a sole corporate AppFollow account

8 articles

Billing & subscriptions

Get the right plan to boost your ASO and reply to reviews

12 articles


Integrations with stores

Set integrations to reply to reviews, receive ASO, sales and downloads reports

7 articles

Help desks integrations

Receive and reply to user reviews via help desk system

11 articles

Slack, Telegram, Discord and Webhook integrations

Reply to reviews, receive alerts and monitor app data in messengers

16 articles

Other integrations

Receive and reply to user reviews, monitor app data in other services

6 articles

AppFollow Tools

App analytics & monitor

Gather your app data in one place and get the most to promote your app

7 articles

Reply to user reviews

How to work with users to increase app rating and retention

19 articles

App store optimization (ASO)

ASO tools: keywords research, right ASO titles, descriptions and more

23 articles

Email reports

Get reports on app reviews and app updates by email

6 articles